Ultimate Vision

I’m dipping into the Ultimate verse at the moment, starting with Nightmare/Secret/Extinction yesterday, and since Vision comes immediately afterwards I figured that was the next logical title.

(Oh yeah, and Sam Wilson’s in it. *cough*)

Vision is great in Ultimate. In the trilogy I started with, where she first appears, she’s sort of generically agender, but then in Vision suddenly she’s taken on female form. It gets commented on once, but otherwise just sort of sits there in the background letting you think what you want.

I really do love Sam’s wings in this universe. They both look cool and are really useful at slicing things up. And reflecting shit, apparently.

Vision punting Tarleton’s head. Not necessarily a logical action. I appreciate how it shows her slowly gaining and acting on emotion. Her programming won’t let her kill Tarleton, but even though there are a lot of other possibilities she goes with the most satisfying one. She finds him repugnant. It’s wonderful.


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