Year of Marvels: May

This just hit Marvel Unlimited so I’m guessing it’s referring to May 2016. She-Wolverine and She-Hulk team up to fight wendigos!

"They're not ready for the Wendigo Girls, Harmony!"She-Hulk starts out by fully underestimating Laura, partly because she’s small and tiny and partly because she’s not fighting to smash and kill.

For all that she was recently mocking Old Man Logan for expecting her to keep alcohol around (“How old do you think I am?”), she really isn’t happy about being called a kid.

I can see at least four big problems with how Laura’s being restrained. First those chains probably aren’t strong enough. Second they’re too long – she could get quite a big range of movement even while leaving her hands restrained. Third the range of movement in just her wrists would allow her to slice through the chains with minor flexing.

Oh, and fourth? No restraints on her feet. She’s got the raw strength and flexibility to flip her lower body up and use her foot claws to sever the chains, which is exactly what she did.

*single tear* Jen and Laura start to come to an understanding.


A reminder that this is personal for Laura. It has been from the start – the wendigos are the original Wolverine’s enemies, so she feels they’re her responsibility to check up on. And while she wanted to try to save the wendigos themselves, the woman who created them doesn’t get such mercy.

screenshot_2016-11-14-10-39-15-1Rude, Jen. Just rude.

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