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Civil War II

The event all shook out a couple weeks ago, so, the highlights!

I hate when I miss Thor toasts.
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Captain America: Hail Hydra (#3-5)

Oh look, I’m back on Captain America. >.> This run established a potential link between Steve and Hydra through the Lazarus formula which he was (retcon-actively) injected with back in 1944.

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Captain America vol 1 #169-170

Just like in the MCU, 616!Steve will do pretty much anything for Sam. I love their relationship. It’s basically been 50 years of Guy Love. Here’s Steve’s reaction when Sam’s feeling down because he doesn’t have super powers like Cap (this was before they retconned in his psychic link to birds):

"I'll do anything I can to help.""He's as hot as the others.""I'll head down to Avengers Headquarters and talk to T'Challa right now."

“Sam, you’re perfect how you are, but lemme talk to T’Challa. Back in two hours!” Bless him. (Let’s just not comment on the homoeroticism of the middle image there…. Then again, maybe we should!) And speaking of homoeroticism, note that Steve is currently sleeping in Sam’s office.

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