Captain America vol 1 #169-170

Just like in the MCU, 616!Steve will do pretty much anything for Sam. I love their relationship. It’s basically been 50 years of Guy Love. Here’s Steve’s reaction when Sam’s feeling down because he doesn’t have super powers like Cap (this was before they retconned in his psychic link to birds):

"I'll do anything I can to help.""He's as hot as the others.""I'll head down to Avengers Headquarters and talk to T'Challa right now."

“Sam, you’re perfect how you are, but lemme talk to T’Challa. Back in two hours!” Bless him. (Let’s just not comment on the homoeroticism of the middle image there…. Then again, maybe we should!) And speaking of homoeroticism, note that Steve is apparently sleeping in Sam’s office.

In the office of social worker Sam Wilson...

Of course back in those days (1974) Sam was dating Leila Taylor, which may not have been his wisest decision – she was a bit reckless sometimes. Here she is pissing off powerful international diplomats by throwing spears at heads of state and hitting on people indiscriminately. That grumpy looking woman as they see her off is Tanzika. She’s angry because Leila asked if she had “sumthin’ goin'” with the Panther and when Tanzika said she didn’t understand what that meant Leila threw a fit. She makes friends quickly.

"No way, baby - I'm stone bored!" "Leila will have to content herself with you handsome escorts, won't she?"

Blank Panther is quick to decide that he should send her off to Nigeria to get her out of his hair while he kits out Captain America’s boyfriend the Falcon. The very end of issue 170 shows us the first version of Falcon’s wings as he and the Black Panther have to charge off to save Leila.

"With these, this falcon can fly, brother!"

“These incredibly light, but super-strong, super-strong, glider-wings – jet-powered from their tips by those wafer-thin integrated circuits, feeding off a sunlight-charged power-pack – and all controlled by direct link to my brain – Well, with these, this Falcon can fly, brother! And right now, he wants to hunt!”

Yes, they put super-strong twice, but that’s okay.