All-New All-Different Avengers

The letters page in ANAD Avengers is polarised. A lot of people are super mad that they’re changing things, like comics (and especially Marvel comics) haven’t literally always been pretty damn progressive. And this iteration of the Avengers has good stuff – a mix of the old guard (Tony Stark, Vision, Sam Wilson, and I guess Jane Foster though she’s new as an actual hero) and brand new (Miles Morales, Kamala Khan, Sam Alexander), lots of tensions, Vision being a creeper, the dynamic between Little Sam and Kamala, Big Sam and Tony trying to be Team Dads… Hell, Cap and Tony just in general have some great interactions in the way they’re not exactly BFFs and definitely disagree on a lot, but still have that long history of working together and respecting each other. Well. Mostly. Sometimes.

Kamala can't say yes fast enoughWho wants to be an Avenger?

I kind of like what these panels show about the different characters. Little Sam with both his hands up. Miles pretty enthusiastic. Kamala’s fun little hand sign. Vision and Thor both being sort of chill about it. And Cap in the back with just a “cool, cool” thumbs up. It’s great.

Vision is creepy!
Bless these two. I love how they lay out just how quick Kamala’s “YES!” sneaks out.

Nova is NOT the boss
Nova and Ms Marvel still have friction several issues in that was set up in the opener. It’s adorable and reminds you how young these newer heroes really are – all three of them are still in high school and there’s an issue in another title (New Warriors, IIRC) where Nova actually missed out on an appearance because he had curfew.

People hate change

You're a goddessKamala's shipper heart

This detail of Kamala going home from her adventures with the Avengers and writing RPF about her teammates really tickles me. I think it’s also interesting to note that she’s writing about the adults on the team, and not adults she’s spent that much time with. They’re still kind of abstract to her – this is only #5 – so it’s easier for her to see them as characters rather than people that she works with. Especially since she (like most of the team, with the soon-to-be exception of Cap) doesn’t even know Thor’s real identity. Here she decides that it’s Captain Marvel though she clearly must know that that isn’t a realistic option.


After both Ms Marvel and Nova getting (temporarily, of course) kicked off the team, this really isn’t the time to argue, Miles! Though elsewhere Cap is willing to listen to him, and I will get onto why in another post because I actually have their first meeting open in another window at the moment.

Let's talk about anything else.

Like, literally anything else, Tony. And let’s be real, Sam does not need advice about women even in general (because he’s obviously showing a good, low-drama attitude here, unlike Tony’s thirst for gossip). He spent a good couple of decades working on a relationship with Leila, and more recently he’s had several flings, including one that spawned a Fire Remender campaign because her age was slightly dubious. (23. She was 23.) And now, of course, he’s got a thing going with Misty Knight.


Leave Redwing alone!He's the only Avenger that still likes me!

Redwing’s approval rating is still at like 93%. (Citation – Captain America: Sam Wilson #1)

Ms Marvel/Vision hugs
After Vision gets de-eviled he tries to make it up to Ms Marvel by giving her what I think we can agree is objectively the best gift ever given to anyone (assuming that tailoring to their interests is part of the judging criteria) – VR of every mission the Avengers have ever been on. That’s really going to help out her fanfic career.

Kamala knows all.Except science and geography.
But even without it, let’s just all agree that Kamala knows the most about superheroes out of anyone, okay?



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