Avengers #183-194

"Your truck wasn't built to handle a half-ton of electric scraps"

Avengers: they put their trash out by flying armored suit, just like everyone else.

This is the period when the government has fairly strict oversight of the Avengers, as well as when we find out the proper origin story of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch and she starts thinking about kids. But of course I’m mostly reading it because one of the government regulations was an affirmative action quota that forced Falcon onto the team. His appearances in these issues provided some quality snark, as he wasn’t much happier about it than Hawkeye (who missed out on the final member slot).

"Yassuh, I sho'be glad t'do that li'l thing."Meal-time sulk.

Notice everyone eating or finishing up eating in the second panel while Sam just… sulks. He’s A+ mature about this.

"Feed it to the rubes, Falcon!"
To be fair, so is Hawkeye.

"It's been interesting, and sort of fun."
But ultimately, as soon as the government control loosens up a bit Falcon’s taking the first flight back to Harlem. He wasn’t even impressed when the team visited Attilan – mostly he just seemed disappointed(?) at the lack of street crime.

The arc also brought us two other things: the highlight of Simon Williams’ early acting career, and a 30 year forewarning of the Superhuman Registration Act.

"Look, it's a credit."

"That's something I wouldn't like to see."



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